Are robots really replacing us? It’s a question we’ve all been asking recently.

However now it seems 1 in 4 HR professionals are using robots to replace jobs a human would be doing. So 1 in 5 HR professionals is effectively a robot.

According to a new study, 25% of senior HR professionals are using robotics in HR and talent acquisition. This is to replace a job a human would be doing otherwise. Yet over 70% of top senior HR professionals say that robotics will have a positive impact on their organisations over the next three years.

However how are they affording these high-tech robotics? Earlier this year, LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends report showed that internal teams were only investing 17% of budgets in new technology.

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We asked a Director of Technology

The Director of Technology and Operations Consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions, Laurie Padua, told Compelo: “Software automation holds significant opportunities for HR professionals. It can augment the repetitive tasks often inherent with talent acquisition, including data migration, sifting and aggregating. Sorting candidates can take up as much as 60% of recruiters’ time. By automating the top of their funnel process, recruiters can gain between three and five hours a day.”

Padua continued: “Not only is it encouraging to see that one in four senior HR professionals is already using robotics as part of their Talent strategies but also that over 70% of department leaders understand the benefits of utilising robotics and automation in their HR functions.”

Will robots soon be doing all our jobs?

“HR professionals won’t be eliminated altogether,” explained Padua. “These tools are designed to relieve HR professionals from repetitive, often mundane tasks that consume valuable time. This time would be best spent instead on leveraging interpersonal skills and engaging with candidates.”

Will robots soon be taking all jobs from humans?

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