Melania Trump business advice? Yes it’s a thing. Melania has had quite the evolution. From aspiring young model to the most powerful woman in the world, we’re looking at Melania Trump’s business tips. We can all learn a great deal from the First Lady of the United States.

Here are the five main lessons we have learnt from Melania Trump.

1. Go after what you want

Melania met Donald Trump at a party when he was attending with another date. But that didn’t stop Melania, oh no. She actually chased him too. We’re not even kidding. Melania asked for his number and called him a few days later.That was back in 1998, and the pair have been together ever since. Doesn’t that story sound like Beyoncé lyrics?

2. Seize a good opportunity

Melania Trump business tips point 2 - she knows how to franchise. If you thought Kim Kardashian’s range of branded nappies were impressive, then hold onto your hat. Melania is set to make millions from endorsements. “The Trumps are using the White House like the Kardashians used reality TV, to build and vastly expand their overall business enterprises,” said Barack Obama’s previous chief ethics counselor Norman Eisen.

3. Micromanage if the mood takes you there

Melania’s house rules (yep) require all house guests and staff to wear surgical booties. Probably to avoid scuffing the marble floors? Or to avoid upstaging Melania’s shoe game? We’re not sure, but micromanaging is clearly Melania’s jam.

4. Work with the best in the business

Even if that is the Aflac duck from the Aflac TV adverts. The UK-equivalent is probably Geo, the signing Go Compare man with the stick-on moustache. “I love the Aflac commercials,” Melania told The Associated Press. “I thought what better way to do my first big commercial than with one of America’s top icons, the Aflac duck…He’s a real pro.” Well you gotta aim high right?

5. If all else fails, just stick to doing what you love

Even if what you love, as Melania told People, is “doing Pilates and reading magazines.”

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