A YouTube vlogger explores a deserted, yet beautiful theme park that the world seems to have forgotten about. Let’s discover the abandoned Disney World Philippines to discover its secrets.

Named Fantasy World by its mysterious owner, tourists can find the amusement park in the remote city of Batangas.

Three hours from Manila, it is a scenic getaway for beach lovers.

However, Batangas is also home to a deserted theme park that an ambitious Japanese businessman dreamed up.

YouTube/Exploring with Josh

He abandoned the park in 2001 when financial troubles threw a spanner in the works.

Yet, Fantasy World is still open to the public.

A YouTube vlogger under an account called, Exploring with Josh, takes his audience through the still, yet clean grounds.

Inside the abandoned Disney World Philippines

Maintained by a homeowner’s association, tourists can still visit its sprawling, yet ghostly grounds.

A guard still mans the entrance, and visitors have to pay 1,000 PHP, roughly $20.

Thus, the homeowner’s association uses these proceeds to take care of the structures and greenery.

YouTube/Exploring with Josh

Furthermore, deserted rooms occupy a medieval-themed castle. Reminiscent of Great Expectations and in dire need of a paint job, their stillness has a haunting beauty.

However, YouTube adventurer Josh seems impressed by the spaciousness and care put into the park’s design.

He exclaims:

“We’re going to have to get a Go Fund Me started for this, man. We gotta get this back to where it was.”

The spectre of Miss Havisham aside, Fantasy World’s personal space is an added bonus.

A such, there are no crowds blocking access to its colourful, yet unfinished rides.

YouTube/Exploring with Josh

Fantasy World in fantasy TV

Interestingly, it also featured in Filipino pop culture.

It was the setting for a fantasy TV show called Majika that aired in 2006. About a young girl that has to save her family from a magical realm, Fantasy World was the backdrop.

While Disney inspired the entertainment destination, Fantasy World is characterised with Filipino cultural influences.

A statement from the Philippines Travel Hub explains:

“What sets Fantasy World apart from Disneyland is that the former was built to incorporate Filipino style and values.”

YouTube/Exploring with Josh

Thus enthusiasts still remember Fantasy world, even though it’s empty.

An amusement park frozen in time, it still provides adventure to the curious traveler.

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