The adidas Executive Board congratulates itself for finally welcoming a female member for the first time in over 20 years.

After more than 24 years, the Adidas Executive Board has welcomed a female member.

Kaspar Rorsted, CEO of Adidas aims to prioritise diversity since assuming the mantle of chief executive officer in October 2016.

The Supervisory Board welcomed Karen Parkin into the fold on May 10.

Since November 2014 Parkin has been the Chief HR Officer for adidas.

Her place on the Executive Board will go into effect on May 12, 2017.

adidas Group/Karen Parkin

Is the adidas Executive Board shaking things up?

Rorsted commented that the “board team is now ideally set up.”

So far Parkin is the only female board member.

However, Rorsted also claims that he wants to do more to enrich staff. As such, he endeavours to make diversifying employees a top priority, as the current standards are not enough.

He additionally makes mention that out of 24 top managers, only two are female.

Yet, adidas’ CEO and other high ranking officials seem thrilled to welcome Parkin into the fold.

© adidas Group (photographer: Hannah Hlavacek)

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Igor Landau enthuses:

“At adidas, we are convinced that our employees are key to the company’s success. This is why our culture and our people are an integral part of our long-term strategic business plan ‘Creating the New’. Karen has successfully led our Global HR function since 2014 and developed our People Strategy.

With her international experience, her business expertise and her leadership qualities, Karen will further strengthen adidas’ position as one of the world’s most attractive employers. Therefore, we are more than happy to elevate her important role to the Executive Board level.”

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