Layovers are often worse than the actual flight. Finding yourself sat in an airport with nothing to do, forced to pay an extortionate amount to connect to a Wi-Fi signal that barely works, isn’t very fun. However, this airport guide will help you to plan a layover that offers all of the services and facilities that you need to get through the wait.

Work related travel is important. It’s the best way (and often the only way) to forge new business relationships. Likewise, is it needed to source products and resources, experience new or other markets and network.

It’s an exciting opportunity for the inexperienced business mind, but after numerous trips back and forth, the excitement wears thin.

It’s bad enough being stuck in the sky for hours. However, there is nothing worse than sitting in an airport with nothing to do, while you wait for your connecting flight.

Being stuck with hours to waste is infuriating for a business type that likes to ensure that their time is spent valuably – especially when the time gap between flights is too long to simply grab a coffee and bite to eat, but too short to leave the airport and explore what the city has to offer.

However, layovers don’t have to be stress-inducing. By planning ahead and splashing out a little extra, you can ensure that your trip is comfortable from start to finish.

Best airport guide: How to plan the perfect layover

Should your trip require you to stop off in a city for more than a few hours, you should take a number of factors into account before booking.

Will you need to work on a project or answer emails during those hours? If so, you will need an airport that offers Wi-Fi. Thankfully, most airports now offer free internet connectivity. However, some, such as Miami International and Chicago O’Hare International, require payment for every 24 hours of use.

Likewise, charging facilities will also be required to ensure that you can maintain your device’s battery life.

Depending on the time, you may want to rest your head. Some airports now offer somewhere to sleep, such as private suites, layover hotels or nap pods. However, these facilities vary from airport to airport, while some offer none at all.

If work and rest are overshadowed by boredom, decent and varied entertainment services are needed. This will largely depend on your interests, as facilities vary greatly. For example, while over half of all top airports offer spa services, media and gaming services are less common.

Now that you know exactly what you’re looking for, use this handy airport guide to pick a layover stop that is perfect for you:

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