Connecting the world comes with its perks. The AT&T net worth is the biggest in the telecommunications industry.

They are the first thing we reach for when we wake up and the last thing we look at before we go to sleep. We use when while eating dinner and while with friends. Of the 7.5 billion people in the world, 4.77 billion of us now own a mobile phone. Our handy gadgets rarely leave our hands.

As one of the United States’ biggest mobile phone service providers, AT&T have used our addiction to generate a huge fortune. In fact, the telecommunications company has 147 million users and earns $51 on average per customer. Likewise, 99% of all Americans are covered by AT&T’s signal.

However, they aren’t alone in their attempts to control North America’s wireless industry, as the company continues to battle Verizon for the top spot.

Although, it’s not all data plans and network coverage. AT&T actually has a rich history, full of innovation and controversy. These incredible AT&T facts are sure to have you reaching for your smartphone to check that they’re true:

AT&T invented the phone

Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone 1875 and sold his invention via the Bell Telephone Company. AT&T started as a subsidiary of the company. However, it went on to acquired BTC in 1899.

Alexander Graham Bell.

AT&T invented long distance calls

AT&T successfully completed their first line between neighbouring states New York and Philadelphia in 1885. However, they wanted to go one better. They went on to complete a line between New York and Illinois in 1892, becoming the first company to offer long distance calling.

AT&T carries 150 petabytes of data daily

As one of the world’s biggest mobile data providers, AT&T’s network delivers 150 petabytes of data to its customers each day. That equates to 150 million hours of Netflix streaming, or 2.5 billion web pages.

Flickr/Mike Mozart

What is the AT&T net worth?

Given the company’s huge market share, it comes as little surprise that the AT&T net worth is one of the biggest in the business world. They aren’t the market leaders for customers, but they lead the way in the industry by value.

With a market cap that continues to climb, AT&T is currently valued at $237.7 billion.

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