Our best business bank accounts represent the top choices on the market right now.

Whether you’re an established presence with a clear corporate strategy, or a driven entrepreneur, make our ranking work for you.

Best business bank accounts: Santander

Santander delivers a current account for small businesses

Out of our ranking for best business bank accounts, Santander is the only one that provides the opportunity for earning interest on your balance. Its account offers free banking for 12-18 months, and by the end of October account holders can garner .25% interest. Furthermore, Santander boasts Best Business Current Account Provider, awarded by Moneyfacts for over the last 10 years.

Best business bank accounts: Lloyds

Lloyds’ New Business Current Account is an option tailored to new businesses that can achieve a £1mn projected turnover.

Features of the business bank account include 18 months of free daily banking, with the traditional offerings available to standard bank accounts. These include account support, online resources such as how-to guides, and mobile banking. Furthermore, account holders will only incur a charge of £6.50 per month at the end of the free period.

Best business bank accounts: RBS

RBS proffers its business account for startups.

This option is created for startups that have a projected turnover of less than £1mn. Free for 24 months, the account also includes an RBS business credit card that waivers the annual fee. Startups can also look into acquiring the account’s overdraft of £500 for free.

Best business bank accounts: HSBC

HSBC extends a classic business bank account

This well-known name in the banking world also provides a business account that’s nothing to scoff at. Following the standard offering of 18 months without any additional fees, it also provides a choice between tariffs once that period expires. The tariff will continue for the next 12 months, and will also include a monthly payment of £5.50.

Best business bank accounts: TSB

TSB shares an account for emerging startups

Last but not least, TSB also provides a business bank account for the burgeoning entrepreneur. Its quality lies in dependable and straight-forward features that are industry standards. These also include 18 months of fee-free business banking followed by a choice between tariffs. However, applicants have to prove that they’re either a director, partner, or sole trader in order to open an account.