These best business quotes come from industry leaders whose experiences enabled them to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Yet, why are quotes so important?

As motivational tools, quotes are insightful and valuable resources available to individuals of any background. The almost infinite resource of the Internet provides a rich landscape for aggregating information at the speed of thought.

The internet is really an invaluable tool for those seeking inspiration and guidance for personal and professional endeavours.

Explore the below to help spur you on your way to success.

Best business quotes from the pros

1. Aristotle Onassis – Shipping Magnate

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows”.

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Aristotle Onassis was primarily a business tycoon. However, he was commonly known for having married Jackie Kennedy Onassis, widow of 35th President John F. Kennedy. Before his death in 1975, Onassis owned the largest private shipping fleet in the world. He was one of the richest men on the planet and his wealth and prolific dating life made him a celebrity in his own right.

2. John Lasseter – Chief Creativity Officer, Pixar

“Quality is the best business plan, period.”

Best business quotes - Compelo

John Lasseter is a major and driving force at the helm of Pixar’s success. On top of being its chief creativity officer, he’s also a writer, producer, director, and animator. He is also even chief creative officer for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Impressed yet? Well if that’s not impressive enough for you, Lasseter is also the Principle Creative Advisor at Walt Disney Imagineering. His CV is pretty incredible, right?

3. Oprah Winfrey – Founder, Oprah Winfrey Network

“You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid for it”.

Best business quotes - Compelo

Oprah Winfrey represents immutable evidence that passion is its own type of key performance indicator (KPI). She is an inspiring and continually flourishing businesswoman. Winfrey is globally recognised by peers, aspiring media moguls, and she has fans around the world. What do you think of this quote?

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