As Christmas is coming, for those of you stuck for gift ideas for the tech fan in your life, fear not - here’s a selection of quirky technology gadgets to choose from.

From robots to tiny printers, the technology world offers constant gift-worthy inventions. Whether buying for a bookworm or an adventurer, it seems there really is something for everyone.

Anki Cozmo Robot

£322 (Imported from the US) 

Don’t let his cute appearance mislead you; this robot has a big personality and diverse skill set.

Dubbed the ‘new, adorable face of artificial intelligence’, Cozmo is a real-life robot designed for your entertainment. Closer to a pet than a personal assistant, this palm-sized creature is the dream playmate.

Designed by San Francisco-based company, Anki, the robot is like a Furby on steroids. With subtle and surprising quirks, the creature’s identity emerges as interaction with its owner increases.

For die-hard WALL-E fans and robot novices alike, Cozmo makes the most charming gift.

Bamboo Spark


The Bamboo Spark is a smart ballpoint pen which allows users to transfer handwritten notes or images from paper to electronic devices.

For those who love sketching or taking notes by hand, this gadget provides the perfect bridge between paper and technology.

The pen syncs pages to the Wacom Cloud, at which point users can access and edit notes freely.

Encouraging spontaneity and enabling small ideas to flourish, the Bamboo Spark is a great gift for those less in touch with their technological side.

GoPro Hero5 Black


GoPro have introduced their most powerful gadget to date, complete with touchscreen interface and voice activation.

Branded the most user-friendly of their creations and has the best image quality of a GoPro yet.

Tthe HERO6 has twice the performance of HERO5, thanks to its all new GP2 chip

Featuring 10m waterproofing, advanced video stabilization, stunning slo mo and an impressive night mode.

The GoPro HERO6 is a gift guaranteed to satisfy any adventurer.

DJI Phantom 4 Drone


Famed for producing ‘buttery smooth’ footage, the DJI’s Phantom 4 comes with a hefty pricetag but sought after features. The autonomous elements of this piece of technology have got critics talking.

TapFly is a feature which feeds a live stream of the drone’s camera to your mobile device. Once connected, users can tap anywhere on the screen and the drone will fly in that direction.In addition, AutoTrack allows users to tap on a person, cyclist or car and the drone will follow the object, keeping it centre screen.

The DJI Phantom 4 is the first of its kind, and would make a fantastic gift for any tech-lover.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer


The brand new HP Sprocket Photo Printer is tiny, efficient and exciting, generating wallet sized instant prints from any smartphone.

When you couple The Sprocket with its app is when the fun truly begins. Borders and textboxes allow images to be totally personalised and memories to be treasured.

The photos are only 2”x 3” but quality is clear, vibrant and they also turn into stickers. Helpfully, the printer doesn’t require ink because it uses special paper, reactive to heat from the print head.

Whether for a student in desperate need of sprucing up a shabby dorm, or as the perfect toy to have at a boozy dinner party, the HP Sprocket Photo Printer is a great tech gift.


*All prices were correct at the time of writing.