The best vegan restaurants in London will treat your taste buds to clean, refreshing, and healthy flavours.

Best vegan restaurants in London: Explore clean cuisine the Big Smoke

Manna Cuisine 

One of the most distinguished vegan restaurants in London, Manna Cuisine is a popular and respected resource. Established in the 1960s, Manna provides more than delicious food. It also forwards a socially-responsible experience around the cuisine. It champions alternatively sourced produce to supply nourishment that is natural and clean. Boasting large portions and a generous menu, even non-vegan visitors will over-indulge. Furthermore, its doors are open even wider to foodies who have the urge to create. It also offers cooking lessons at its offsite bakery that supplies the restaurant.


Wild Food Café

Celebrating raw food and an appreciate mind set, Wild Food Café also supports a positive lifestyle around its vegan dishes. Its unique selling point is delivering well-known cuisine with an innovative streak. To do so, the café and kitchen focus on the practices of foraged produce ad organic ingredients that are medicinally potent, along with being delicious. Wild Food Café wields its delectable, clean, and seasonable menu as a tool to holistically improve the collective human experience.

Itadaki Zen

The first of its kind in Europe, Itadaki Zen is securely one of the best vegan restaurants in London. It provides Japanese organic and vegan fare for a delectable romp in the unconventional. The innovative restaurant hosts a menu that is primarily made up of seaweed, tofu, and noodles. However, what seems like a limited portfolio still packs a flavourful punch in grilled spring rolls stuffed with indulgent and mashed tofu. The kitchen’s inventiveness is further displayed in noodles crafted out of sweet potatoes.  Furthermore, its desserts are strictly sugar-free. However, offerings such as apple and almond cake are enticing nonetheless.

Courtesy of Itadaki Zen

Vantra Vitao

A central part of the vegan culinary landscape, Vantra Vitao first opened in 1999. Since then, it has passionately produced nutritious, sustainable, and lip-smacking vegan food for all needs and palates. Furthermore, it holds overall well-being at a premium. Through its dishes, it aims to promote a healthy lifestyle based on the benefits of a vegan diet.  It features gourmet steamed and raw options in its A La Carte menu. Furthermore, its daily buffet is a plentiful haven of nutritious hot meals and probiotic salads.

Twitter/Vantra Vitao

Lovegift Vegan

In a similar fashion to its peers, Lovegift Vegan supports a holistic approach to well-being through raw and cooked produce. Marketed as both an eatery and creative arena, its purely vegan selection is infused with multicultural influences. As such, the restaurant seeks inspiration from European, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Asian influences. Dumplings made with spelt flour and seaweed fritters await the discernible palate.


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