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Supercar brand Briggs Automotive Company is world’s first car manufacturer to become ‘climate-positive’

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) will offer customers the chance to contribute to forest conservation projects when buying one of its supercars, including the single-seater and road-legal Mono, using blockchain technology provided by The Poseidon Foundation

Briggs Automotive Company has become the world’s first car manufacturer to go “climate-positive”.

The Liverpool-based supercar brand - which is behind the Mono, the only single-seater car for public roads - is working alongside eco-digital firm The Poseidon Foundation to eliminate more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it releases.


Poseidon uses a blockchain-powered platform that it integrates into clients’ day-to-day operations to transfer CO2 emissions into currency that can support global forestry conservation projects.

It is also working with Liverpool City Council to help it become the world’s first carbon-positive city by 2020 using the technology.

Briggs Automotive Company co-founder and design director Ian Briggs said: “We are absolutely delighted to team up with Poseidon and take this important step towards becoming a climate-positive manufacturer.

“We already implement measures that reduce our carbon footprint - through our UK-based supply chain, using lighter weight materials and a higher grade of material in a more efficient way – and working with Poseidon will allow us to protect the environment even more.

“We are totally committed to embracing new technology and are devoted to designing and developing more and more carbon-friendly products as technological advancements are made.

“As time goes on, Briggs Automotive Company will work towards producing climate-positive products and setting further environmental examples in the automotive world.”

Briggs Automotive Company Mono2
Briggs Automotive Company built the Mono, a road-legal, single-seater supercar



How Briggs Automotive Company will become climate-positive

Briggs Automotive Company - also known as BAC - has been known for innovation since launching in 2011, having been the first manufacturer to develop hybrid carbon-composite wheels and body panels made from “miracle material” graphene - which is said to be bullet-proof.

In its partnership with Poseidon, it will aim to rebalance the climate impact of its operations, including the production and distribution of the Mono supercar worldwide.


Whenever a BAC buyer purchases a vehicle or has it serviced, they will be offered the opportunity to make a supplementary contribution using Poseidon’s blockchain platform.

Funds raised will then be used to back forest conservation projects, such as in Peru’s Cordillera Azul National Park.

It is home to 6,000 plant species, 11 endangered large mammals, and where the average tree is over 400 years old.

Briggs Automotive Company
Briggs Automotive Company built the Mono, a road-legal, single-seater supercar

Efforts to conserve forests are regarded as effective because trees act as carbon sponges, providing a natural solution to climate change.


Poseidon founder and CEO Laszlo Giricz said:”We are thrilled to be partnering with BAC who, like us, believe that innovation is key to changing the world.

“If we don’t do more to change global behaviours, we will exceed the 1.5°C limit set by the Paris agreement by 2027.

“It is imperative that we work together to address humanity’s carbon impact and put a halt to climate change.”



Mayor of Liverpool backs Briggs Automotive Company climate-positive project

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, who is also working Poseidon on the city council’s climate-positive project, believes BAC is leading the way for other car manufacturers in addressing climate change head on.

He said: “I’ve no doubt this approach will have a revolutionary impact on the motor industry and once again underlines Liverpool’s fabulously rich track record for innovation and its position as one of the UK’s most progressive cities in tackling climate change.

“We are wholly committed to supporting private companies that are making a real environmental difference and hope this innovative partnership between BAC and Poseidon is the first of many such projects in the region.”