Bad for your health, but good for your taste buds. These Coca-Cola quotes will relieve you of your coke-induced guilt.

Served in over 200 countries and drank by more than a quarter of the world’s population each day, there are very few companies that can match Coca-Cola on popularity.

It is one of the world’s strongest brands. As a result, people like to talk about the controversial soft drink. These are some of the best Coca-Cola quotes to get you in the mood for a can of the good stuff:

Coca-Cola quotes to quench your thirst

Unrivalled popularity

“A billion hours ago, human life appeared on Earth – a billion minutes ago, Christianity emerged – a billion seconds ago, the Beatles changed music – a billion Coca-Colas ago was yesterday morning.” – Roberto Goizueta

“You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you can know that the President drinks Coke, Liz Taylor drinks Coke and just think, you can drink Coke, too.” – Andy Warhol

Global reach

“Coca-Cola is the only business in the world where no matter which country or town or village you are in, if someone asks what do you do, and you say you work for Coca-Cola, you never have to answer the question ‘what is that?’” – Muhtar Kent

“Wherever you go, there are three icons that everyone knows: Jesus Christ, Pele and Coca-Cola.” – Pele

Overlooking the negatives

“I’d rather see you drink a glass or wine than a glass of milk. So many people drink Coca-Cola and all these soft drinks with sugar. Some of these drinks have 8 or 9 teaspoons of sugar in them. What’s the good of living if you can’t have the things that give a little enjoyment?” – Jack LaLanne

“I don’t need to know how they make Coca-Cola – I think it tastes just fine not knowing what the ingredients are. I think there are some things that should be kept secret.” – Colin Hanks

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