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How to use the stimulating power of coffee to get through the workday

Coffee can boost productivity, making us concentrate better and work faster. However, over-consumption can decrease the coffee effects.

Brits are well known for their love for tea, but most of us prefer to reach for a cup of coffee during a long day at the office. In fact, outside of the home, 2.5 times more coffee is consumed than tea in the UK.

More and more people are turning to java to get them through the week. It gives them that burst of energy needed to make an approaching deadline, or keeps them awake during a dull meeting.

Of course, coffee can boost your productivity if drank correctly. However, consumption at the wrong time, or of the wrong amount, could leave you worse off than if you had powered through the day without reaching for the cup.

When is the right time to get your caffeine fix?


Consuming coffee affects the adrenal glands, which secrete the cortisol hormone. When the glands are inactive (usually between 9:30 to 11:30 am and 1:30 to 5 pm) you can enjoy the benefits of drinking coffee relatively risk free. However, if drank when the body is already producing cortisol (in the early morning, midday and evening), you will slowly but surely develop a resistance to coffee’s effects. Likewise, coffee affects your body for approximately six hours. Therefore, drinking it too late will likely disturb your sleep and lower your productivity the following day.

Coffee effects different for everyone


The extent of coffee’s effects will be different for everyone. Somebody that regularly indulged in a cup is less likely to see the benefits, compared to somebody that is drinking coffee for the first time. Coffee can increase productivity, but only for so long. If you’re feeling less stimulated after your daily java, consider taking a break from coffee.

Coffee effects are varied. For every positive, there is also a negative. However, if you feel that its necessary to keep you ticking over until five o’clock, these tips can help to maximise your productivity:


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