If you’re bored of your 9-5, check out our creative business ideas. They will transform your career.

Office based jobs can be stressful and uninspiring. Take a look at these creative business ideas. There’s bound to be one which you could turn your hand to.

Home-Based Food Services

If Mary Berry is your idol, get mixing and start selling your goodies. Make sure you check out relevant regulations and do your market research, but then feel free to start cooking.The sky is the limit in terms of creativity and profit. Either team up and pitch to investors, or keep it simple and sell in your local area. Your milkshake may just bring all the boys to the yard.

Event Planner

If you’re the natural social secretary of your friendship group, why not turn it into a business? The specialist event industry has grown dramatically over the past decade. Research shows that $500 billion is spent on events per year.Related imageThis lucrative market is waiting for you. The average profit margin for the industry is 15%, and the job requires no qualifications. From celebrations to conferences, the work is diverse and there’s plenty of room for creativity.


Gone are the frosty mornings and pile of soggy leaves. It’s time for people to start tackling their gardens, and you could be the person to help.If you have an eye for all things horticultural, put your talent to use and start making some money. Whether your clients are private or commercial, this job will definitely get your creative juices flowing.

Vintage Reseller

With the sales of vintage goods higher than ever, it seems one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. From carboot sales to acclaimed antique stockists, scour the shelves for unique products and up-sell them.Image result for vintage shoppingWhy not add sequins to vintage clothing or a lick of paint to eye-catching furniture, and sell your masterpieces online?

Music Teacher

It’s time to dust off the ivories and reignite your musical talents. Being forced to learn a musical instrument as a child may have been a slog, but it might just pay off.Music teachers in London earn £40+ per hour, and the joy of passing on musical skills to students is invaluable.