Elon Musk net worth: What do you know about it? Keep reading to discover the story behind the numbers.

At the forefront of all things innovative, Musk is a modern day visionary. Yet, how is he funding his goals of autonomous cars, space, and brain implants?

Elon Musk net worth: Entrepreneur with a capital ‘E’

During his two days at the University of Stanford, young Musk pursued a Ph.D in Energy Physics.

However, 48 hours later, he hitched a ride on the Internet bandwagon during its boom in the 1990s.

From there, he created his first company called Global Link with his brother Kimbal. The early venture was designed to give news publishing companies licensed online city guides.

In 1996 the company was officially renamed Zip2. It also received hefty funding from Mohr Davidow before AltaVista bought it in 1999.

Musk’s success as a businessman obviously didn’t stop there.

Using £10m from the Zip2 sale, he dove into the fintech world to co-found X.com. Musk harnessed the growing world of online financial services through merging with Confinity, the original builders of Paypal.

Ultimately, X.com bought Confinity’s money-transferring product, and changed its name to the more audience-friendly PayPal.  User surveys reported that the ‘X’ came across as threatening, and in some cases, pornographic.

As it turns out, the name change was a game changer for Musk.

Ebay snatched up PayPal in 2002 for a sweet $1.5b in stock.

Elon Musk net worth: Reach for the stars

With that kind of venture-victory, why not keep starting new companies?

Musk has thus continued to represent the entrepreneurial spirit by chasing the tail-ends of the future.

Through his efforts and similar innovators, pipe dreams of space exploration, driverless cars, and superhuman powers, are now in reach.

Musk established his third company, SpaceX, in 2008. Through focusing on commercial space voyages, SpaceX is in talks with NASA to provide transport for space shuttle travel.

Furthermore, as the cofounder, CEO and Chairman of Tesla, Musk is redefining transportation services.

The automotive company is gearing up to be a leading force in the race to marketing driverless, fully automated cars. Not one to flinch from the competition, Tesla surpassed General Motors as America’s most important car manufacturer.

If Elon Musk hasn’t completely shattered your sense of achievement just yet, then keep reading.

His next expedition into the unknown focuses on the brain.

Neuralink, his most recent venture, audaciously combines disruptive technology with brain implants.

The goal is to rig humanity and computers with “ultra high bandwidth brain-machines to connect humans to computers.

Should he succeed, humankind could fast-track the evolutionary waiting game, and propel itself into a digital world of heightened intellectual and physical capabilities.

Through talent, vision, and maybe a dash of luck, Elon Musk is racing into the future, and towing us with him.

It’s time to hold onto our hyper bandwidth hats, and see where he takes us.

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