With packaging playing an important role in determining the success of any product, an understanding of trends in the industry is vital to generating revenue.

From colour to eco-packaging, here’s a few trends repeatedly highlighted by marketing experts.


Research suggests that more than 90% of shoppers make snap judgments based on colour alone so let’s kick things off in this area.Recent trends illustrate an inclination by consumers towards less saturated tones.

As healthy becomes increasingly fashionable manufacturers must take note of the popularity of corresponding packaging.

More importantly, although buyers may not remember the name of a product flavour they never fail to recall the colour. This psychology has been used in novel fashion recently, sometimes replacing the need for words entirely.

Repeat Pattern

Capable of transforming simple motifs to something quite complex, the popularity of repeat pattern on recent packaging is also of interest.

Marina Lermolaieva of All in Packaging states: ‘Brands need to repeat visual motifs that capture their essence for sending a message to the consumers.

‘Your pattern can be playful or bold; in the end, it’s the packaging that creates a strong identity – one that customers will instantly recognize.’

Vintage Design

Lately, the packaging industry has seen the revival of vintage packaging. Timeless designs unique enough to appeal to modern sensibilities are increasingly popular but require careful thought.

Whilst satisfying the curiosity the modern generations have in the past, designers and manufacturers are required to incorporate innovative elements to spark consumers’ interest.

Custom Lettering

As competition increases, companies are always searching for designs that reflect the unique personality of their brand – custom lettering or printing allows this to be better achieved.

In a technological age, the reintroduction of handwritten labels has an interesting psychological impact, encouraging consumers to feel connected with the product and generating an ‘organic’ impact.

Mail Packaging

With the increase of online shopping, brands are investing more heavily in postal packaging.

While some companies have developed customised stamps for individual items, others use unique wrapping enabling quick recognition of their brand.

The days where individuals were excited to receive something in the post have returned with a vengeance, and packages are more striking than ever.


With consumers increasingly educated on environmental matters, brands are introducing more and more ‘green’ packaging.

Whether companies use biodegradable resources or create packaging from recycled material, the popularity of such practice is growing.

As well as saving costs, it seems adopting eco-packaging techniques increases integrity of a brand.