Search engine optimization

Be Found On-Line

Every website is unique and no one size fits all when it comes to website marketing and Search Engine Optimization. How many markets are you trying to reach? How intense is your competition? How often is your site updated? These factors all affect the scope of your Search Engine Optimization. We customize every SEO program to suit our individual clients' needs.

We base our fees on the time we spend working for you. The minimum time needed to optimize a website is 15 hours. For many of our clients increasing traffic to their sites has required over 50 hours' work over four to six months, including online competitive analysis, content optimization, indexing and 90 days monitoring, plus selected paid placements. The Full SEO program positions websites to perform competitively and increase online market penetration.

Marketing your website should be included in your budget from day one of your initial site planning. Budget a realistic amount to make sure your target audience finds it and earns a satisfactory return on your investment.