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Normet - Your Market Leader in Mining Technology and Innovative Underground Construction

As a pioneer in mining, tunnelling, and civil construction, Normet specialises in safety, profitability and productivity technology for our wide array of global clients. We come from the same industries as our customers, allowing us to understand their challenges and objectives in the underground construction market.
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Normet - About

Sector Mining

As a pioneer in mining, tunnelling, and civil construction, Normet specialises in safety, profitability and productivity technology for our wide array of global clients. We come from the same industries as our customers, allowing us to understand their challenges and objectives in the underground construction market.

Normet Profile

Swift and Cost-Effective Technical Solutions

Our vast technical solutions save costs and quicken process cycle times. We’re dedicated to our customers throughout the course of brainstorming, producing, and applying our innovative solutions regarding mining processes and underground construction.
Borne from our passion for the betterment of mankind and the environment, we are proud of our bespoke underground machinery, the number of which exceeds 11,000 units. Through them, and the expertise of our team, Normet breaks new ground in the product segmentation market.

Happy Clients above All Else

At Normet, we like to think that our success is due to our dedication to customer satisfaction. In order to achieve effective and durable partnerships, our solutions encompass:

  • high performance construction chemicals
  • ground control technologies
  • robust underground construction equipment

Thanks to our highly capable and committed technical support team, our efficient delivery operations further strengthen our growing client relationships.
Our focus is on ensuring quality products, fruitful communication with our partners, maintaining safety standards, and working towards creating environmental resolutions. Furthermore, our main objective is to utilise our technology and knowledge-base to enhance tunnelling and mining practices, all the while striving towards solutions that positively affect society and our customers.

Normet EBR profile

An Extensive Portfolio of Solutions

With a rich selection of underground products and services, Normet provides an extensive selection of mining and tunnelling solutions.

The high standard of our innovative rock reinforcement products is geared towards ensuring safety and productivity in tough rock circumstances. Our equipment limits the possibility of accidents, and other harmful consequences.

Our selection of machinery is also utilised in scaling, installation, charging, logistics, concrete spraying and transport, along with explosives charging.

The Normet construction chemicals target an extensive list of applications. They include but are not limited to spray for concrete and waterproofing processes, reinforcement systems for large-scale deformation conditions, injection systems for rock consolidation, and admixtures to fortify all concrete types.

We also employ chemicals required for tunnel boring machine (TBM) technology in hard rock, earth pressure balance (EPB), open-face, and slurry machinery.

Lastly, our clients benefit from our equipment life-cycle management.

Normet EBR profile

A Global Presence for Client-Driven Logistics

Normet’s head office (along with Group and R&D practices) is found in Iisalmi, Finland. While manufacturing is executed in Iisalmi and Santiago de Chile, we also have a distribution and service network headquartered in Switzerland. This network, along with sales and support facilities in 42 locations and 28 countries, enables us to respond faster and more efficiently to fluctuations in the environments and needs of our customers.

In 2015 Normet Group experienced a turnover that exceeded 190 million Euros thanks to the employment of over 800 talented professionals.

Professional Certification:

  • ISO 9001 standard certification for our high quality system
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environment certification
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety certification

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us


Ahmolantie 6, FI-74510 IISALMI
Tel. +358 (0)17 83 241,
Fax +358 (0)17 823 606


Rothusstrasse 21,
6331 Hünenberg
Tel. +41 (0)41 768 52 00,
Fax +41 (0)41 768 52 11

E-mail: [email protected]



The Scamec 2000 for Effective Scaling

The Scamec 2000 is your mechanised option for your scaling needs

Mechanised and mobile, the Scamec 2000 is the driving force behind productive, safe, and quality scaling in every aspect of your excavation.Discover more about the Scamec 2000 on our dedicated site.

Productive and Safe Concrete Transport

Normet has an extensive portfolio of mobile concrete transport machinery. We’re proud that it performs to the high standards of our clients in the mining and tunnelling industry.

Superior quality and durability characterise our units, which are globally delivered in their hundreds. Our agitators and transmixers are provided with horizontal or inclined bowls of varying sizes, along with engines whose power enables increasing velocities.Not only do they improve output in underground processes, but all of our transmixers increase health and safety.Discover more about…

Normet’s Selection of Construction Chemicals

Our range of construction chemicals is applied to every phase of underground mining operations, from ground treatment to maintenance of underground structures.

The Normet construction chemicals are part of our complete variety of solutions for contemporary ground support. Their application includes, but is not limited to:Sprayed concreteInjection systems (for rock improvements and coal seam stabilisation)Reinforcement systems for high deformation conditionsTo learn more about our construction chemicals, visit our dedicated site. 

Normet’s Rock Reinforcement Solution

Reduce risk and improve productivity with our new rock bolt program, the D-Bolt

Rock reinforcement is of such prime importance that we've created a separate business line: the D-Bolt, targeted towards effective rock reinforcement for strata predisposed to squeezing and bursting.Its patented technology is a trusted resource now that mining is heading ever-deeper into the earth. As such, the construction of tunnels and other necessary underground spaces is…

Normet Concrete Spraying Solutions

Rock support systems have to be efficient, industrious, and safe. Normet makes that happen by providing concrete spraying solutions for civil engineering structures for mining and tunnelling.

We offer our clients over 40 years of experience in underground construction, and our expertise is manifested in our mobile sprayers. Applications include spraying systems that are mechanised and automated, and self-propelled. We're proud of their superior quality, productivity, operational safety, and satisfaction that they bring to our customers.Not only are we dedicated to sharing…

Chamec: Normet’s Leading Range of Mining Charges

Normet offers a comprehensive portfolio of safe and effective systems for mining charges. Secure, reliable, and extremely productive, its range of Chamec products meet the high standards of its clients in the mining and tunnelling industry.

The selection of Chamec chargers ensures smooth collaboration between drilling and blasting procedures. It also optimises the benefits of bulk materials such as Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil (ANFO), water gels, and emulsions; these explosives are utilised in all successful underground projects.Low lifetime costs come with the high resale value of the Chamec products, which create cost-effective,…

Adaptable Transport Vehicles for Underground Logistics

Normet’s comprehensive and rubber-tiered underground transport vehicles are designed to comply with our customers’ subterranean logistical needs. Our portfolio of equipment and systems includes the Utimec, Multimec, Variomec, and Normet RBO models.

UtimecCreated to fulfil projects that demand full carrier utilization, the Utimec units are customisable. This is an asset that proves to be beneficial in virtually any type of transport, such as personnel, material, and fuel. The Utimec machines can also be modified to assist in lubrication, and can be applied as a flat bed with…

Customisable Lifting and Installation Equipment

Normet provides productive and effective lifting and installation vehicles for mining and tunnelling operations. The Utilift scissor lifts are designed for low profile environments, while the Himec range, with its capacity for medium to heavy duty load lifting, is the right choice for virtually every tunnel profile.

The Utilift selection is applied to projects that feature explosive charging, roof reinforcement, installation of ventilation equipment, cables, and pipes. The option of a high-comfort, fully-enclosed operator's cab improves driving ergonomics.Other Utilift options include:A side-shift platformPlatform tiltCranePipe Installing EquipmentAir compressorsAn electrically driven power pack for platform hydraulicsANFO charging kits and helperNormet's engineers have experienced extensive…
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