Earth Day global director Dan Abrams shares his tips on fighting climate change − and President Trump. Want to do your bit to help the environment? Here’s how you can be an environmentalist now. 

Earth Day 2017’s campaigns are ‘Environmental & Climate Literacy’ and ‘The March for Science’. What can people do to educate themselves about green issues?

Everyone must educate themselves and their communities on how their elected or potential leaders vote for issues they care about. They then also need to hold leadership accountable for voting in their best interest. Real change will not occur until broader systematic change begins.

In addition, people can educate themselves on global issues like climate change that have real tangible impacts in their local communities. Also, seek out experts who can help them take civic and environmental action.

What are the main threats to the environment and sustainable human life on Earth?

Climate change caused by human activity that creates greenhouse gasses. The main contributors are the fossil fuel industry, factory agriculture and non-electric transport.

The world is still facing unprecedented levels of pollution – just look at the smog in Beijing and the water in Flint, Michigan and you will see the fight for comprehensive environmental protection must continue.

President Trump is attacking many of Barack Obama’s green policies as well as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? What can citizens do to stop this?

Trump and Scott Pruitt, Trump’s Administrator of the EPA, are indeed breaking down the important steps President Obama and his Administrators took to protect the environment and act on climate change.

Their actions fly in the face of evidence-based recommendations and the latest science on how this country and the world should be protecting the environment and acting on climate change.

Environmentalists must stay vigilant and not stand down. Furthermore, they need to continue holding their elected leaders accountable through voting, as well as educating communities on the importance of prioritising environmental values.

Fake news is a real problem: what can people do find out the truth about climate change?

The public needs to make sure they’re getting their news from real news outlets and not blogs and websites pretending to be a trusted source.

People should continue educating their communities on global climate change and environmental issues. In addition, when educating, be sure to include tangible actions that we can take.

Renewable energy in the US is getting cheaper. As a result, wind power is going mainstream. Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) explains this in World Wind Technology.  

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