Regardless of your background, these examples of leadership can fuel any business endeavour.

Some people are born with leadership skills, and others acquire them through tried and tested experience.

However, effectively herding a great idea to success doesn’t depend on a genetic predisposition.

To help you along your way to greatness, here are the qualities we believe make an impactful leader.

Be honest. Do you share these examples of leadership?


While rooting for villains like Darth Vader can be deeply satisfying, real life leaders should avoid the Dark Side. Integrity creates transparency between yourself and those you collaborate with. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly demanding transparency from business bodies. Whether in the form of honesty, doing the right thing, or maintaining morality, we highly value integrity in our examples of leadership.


Not to be confused with cockiness. However, self-belief is a powerful tool in conveying ability to others. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to follow you?


This example is a no-brainer. If you can’t take stock of your schedule or your obligations, how can you adhere to deadlines? Furthermore, organisation includes creating and delegating appropriate tasks to your team.


Experiencing a sense of satisfaction from a job well done isn’t just a fluffy emotion. As clichéd as it sounds, pride is a valuable motivator that comes from within.


Yes, we gather that it looks strange for us to position this humble quality after one of the Deadly Sins. However, you can still feel gratification from a job well done, and be aware that you’re not perfect.


The current business climate is all about initiative leading to innovation. Contemporary legends such as Ariana Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk disrupted and redefined markets. These entrepreneurs neither waited nor asked for permission when pursuing their goals.


Sometimes called passion, drive, or motivation, ambition is one of the prime examples of leadership. Additionally, it’s the driving force that fuels the objective of high achievement. Simply put, it’s the fire in your gut. Therefore, it urges you to keep going, even when your failures outnumber your losses.

Communication skills

Having great communication skills is a quality that everyone touts during interviews and on dating profiles. However, it’s a go-to response for both scenarios because as humans we understand its importance. Thus, the greatest ideas, motivational speeches, or constructive criticisms will reach deaf ears if you can’t articulate yourself. Some of you may also be skilled at reading the nuances of body language. If used for the power of good, this intuitive aspect of communication could land you ahead of the game.


This simple but effective trait is at the root of stellar leadership. Consequently, conveys respect and appreciation to your team. Without their work and contributions, the above traits can’t manifest.

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