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Ford net worth: Buckle up for an innovative ride

Leader of that new car smell, the Ford Motor Company is a maker of the highest bid. The Ford net worth shows the firm’s forward thinking and influence as it continues to zoom to success.

Henry Ford set up the Ford Motor Company in 1903. He was a man that dreamed big. Yet, little did he know that his goal of a horseless carriage would change the car world forever.

However, before he became an auto legend, Ford worked for an electricity company owned by Thomas Edison.

After he became Chief Engineer in 1893, he ditched his electric career to change the world.

Henry Ford didn’t invent the car. However, he came up with the idea of the production line. This concept fast tracked the process of making vehicles. Additionally, it went on to be the standard for swift output in many other industries.

Courtesy of the Ford Motor Company

Ford net worth: making the wheel a big deal

Also, it changed culture in a way that was as vital as the wheel.

Travel by horse was the norm for Ford’s time.

In fact, the innovator famously quipped, ” If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.

Thus, we can see that he was ahead of his time when it came to mobility.

Most famous startup owners tend to work from their garage in the early days of business.

Similarly, and since cars weren’t common yet, Ford worked from his shed.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

As such, his first gas-powered vehicle was the Quadricycle. It moved on four bike wheels, and had an engine in the back. Although it didn’t come with a steering wheel, a lever steered it.

Simple by today’s standards, this machine set the course for cars as we know them today.

However, the vehicle that cemented Ford’s meteoric career was the Model T.

Nicknamed “Tin Lizzie”, it allowed normal, working class Americans to afford a car for the first time in U.S history.

Ford net worth - Compelo
Courtesy of the Ford Motor Company

Thus, the world-famous industrialist changed production, and the nature of the consumer, all in his lifetime.

Since his passing in 1947, Ford’s firm has continued to be a giant in the car sector. So much so, that it plays a vital role in the auto industry further afield than America. The Ford Motor Company is a main competitor throughout the world, and is recognised by anyone even vaguely familiar with cars.

As such, the Ford net worth currently stands at an incomprehensible $44.3bn (£34.37).

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