Gatwick Airport augmented reality is changing the way we travel. The UK’s second largest commercial flight hub, Gatwick Airport is leading the globe in sharing augmented reality navigation with travellers.

Gatwick soars to the edge of innovation by providing an augmented reality tool to its millions of passengers.

As part of its transformation programme, it installed 2000 indoor navigation beacons as core features of the augmented reality resource.

Furthermore, Gatwick’s decision makers foresee low maintenance costs of the venture, since batteries power the numerous beacons.

This foray into user-friendly, real-time tech is part of Gatwick Airport’s £2.5bn transformation programme.

PointrLabs provides indoor navigation solutions to venues in the travel, exhibition, and retail industries.

Gatwick Airport gives more control to passengers

As such, they provided the real time, blue dot platform to Gatwick, and were instrumental in its installation.

The collaboration between the airport and the indoor location service will change the way travellers manage their time, and locate vital locations such as check-in counters and gates.

Additionally, the app will show passengers virtual directions in real time through their smart phone’s camera.

While the navigation tool doesn’t collect any personal data from the user, it will collect general information as to crowd sizes and queue measurements. Gatwick could feasibly use this data to further provide accurate, real time information on congested areas within the airport.

Abhi Chacko, Gatwick Airport’s Head of IT and innovation was enthusiastic about this new resource:

“We are proud to be the first airport to deploy augmented reality technology and we hope that our adoption of this facility influences other airports and transport providers so that it eventually becomes the norm.”

Gatwick Airport augmented reality - Compelo

Pointr also seemed keen about Gatwick’s use of its augmented reality platform.

Axel Katalan, CMO at PointrLabs said:

“Our [software development kit] enables battery-optimised, multiplatform and high performance positioning and other features such as 3D wayfinding through AR and on-screen translation, all of which are now available to be used by Gatwick and their partners as simple as drag and drop.”

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