A new study has revealed that 80% of top business owners aren’t afraid of hackers. We spoke to some top industry experts to find out why.

The independent research report from Advanced asked over 500 business executives what their thoughts on the issue of security were.

As a result, security (82%) and data protection (68%) is the main concern.

Then 80% of companies stated that they are not put off from using certain digital advances, such as cloud, following recent high-profile cyber attacks. After all, over a third (37%) admitted to recently adopting cloud computing for the first time.

Who can sort this problem out? A large 76% of the top executives asked said that governments should do more to protect both businesses and their customers from cyber attacks.

What do they experts think?

The Head of Cloud, Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at techUK, Sue Daley told Compelo: “It is good to see that businesses understand the economic and efficiency benefits of cloud computing. Confidence continues to grow. Being better informed, however, is something both businesses and consumers need to do. Then cloud computing can offer much greater levels of security and resilience required by users.”

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The Director of Innovation at CBI, Tom Thackray, told Compelo: “Digital technologies offer businesses the length and breadth of the UK the tools and platforms needed to start, scale and reach a global audience. Technologies like cloud now underpin much of the UK business infrastructure. There is a clear intent from companies to keep up with the pace of change. Then, however, with great digital opportunities comes an element of risk. Companies must ensure cyber security is a boardroom priority and work closely with suppliers and customers to remain cyber resilient.”

What does this study really prove about businesses and hackers?

Jon Wrennall, the CTO at Advanced, commissioned the study. He said: “It is encouraging to see businesses are undeterred from using the cloud. Sadly we are seeing the same concerns around security and data protection reported over and over again. It’s right to be concerned about security; it’s time that all of us as cloud services providers take a reality check.

“There’s still a job to be done in creating trust in the cloud. Also, most organisations want financially stable providers and prefer those that store data locally and offer local support; this will become even more pertinent as Britain leaves the European Union. They will trust the providers that offer certainty in an uncertain market and those with a vested interest in the UK and the cloud.”

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