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Jeff Bezos net worth: who’s behind the billionaire bookstore?

Heralded as one of the most ambitious men in the world, Amazon’s founder doesn’t shy from a challenge. Check out the Jeff Bezos net worth to fully comprehend his achievements.

Nowadays, we can search for our favourite pieces of literature from the comfort of anywhere.

Whether clad in pyjamas or commuting to work, judging a book by its cover has never been easier.

We can thank Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, for this luxury.

Yet, the online retailing hub is far more than just a book dispensary.

The company sells practically everything from its bustling Internet hub. As such, consumers can look through a ridiculously large range of products.

DVDs, beauty supplies, jewellery, furniture, toys, clothing, sporting equipment, and even gourmet food are only a click away.

So how did this Bezos begin his retailing reign?

Like most famous entrepreneurs, he started from his garage.

Flickr/Doc Searls

Jeff Bezos net worth, and the world’s second biggest river

In 1994 Bezos said goodbye to a well-paying investment banking job to begin life as an entrepreneur.

As such, he moved to Seattle, Washington, with the simple goal of opening a virtual bookstore.

Armed with ambition, and in the company of a few employees, Bezos began laying down the software from his garage.

Additionally, he began the challenging process of brainstorming names for his new company.

Ultimately, he decided to entitle his vision after the largest river (by volume) in the world, the Amazon.

However, his original scattering of proposals didn’t float.

His initial ideas included “Cadabra”, but people thought it was too similar to cadaver. Additionally,,, and made the cut for failed titles.

“” was another abandoned zinger, and still links to the Amazon website.

After selling its first book in 1995, fundamentally changed e-commerce forever.

Kindling a race for space

By 2005 Bezos saw the need for diversification. To get ahead of an increasingly competitive market, he increased his product portfolio to include hardware, electronics, and clothing.

However, that wasn’t enough for the online entrepreneur.

Not only had he changed how we buy books, but he also challenged how we read them.

In 2007 Amazon launched the Kindle. This digital, handheld reading tool included a WiFi feature for perusing, downloading, and reading books in real time.

Furthermore, Bezos committed another jaw-dropping act in 2013. During that time he bought the historic newspaper, The Washington Post, for a knee-trembling $250mn.

Today, he has his eyes set on the stars and the possibility of commercial space travel. As such, he’s also the founder of Blue Origin, a private spaceflight service.

From being at the helm of such staggering accomplishments, Jeff Bezos consequently has a net worth of an eye-watering $82.8bn (£64.85bn).

Blown away by the Jeff Bezos net worth?

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