What does this legendary high achiever earn from creating the most popular social network in the world? Put your bank account to shame and read more on the Mark Zuckerberg net worth.


For most, it’s a major resource for staying in touch with friends and family.

For some, it’s a tool to stalk your high school crush.

Regardless of why you use it, the communication platform makes staying connected and exchanging content a breeze.

So who is the man behind the vision?

Mark Zuckerberg net worth - Compelo

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Mark Zuckerberg net worth: Before the billions

The contemporary tech hero began his journey by dropping out of Harvard University during his sophomore year.

By doing so, he began a journey that lead to his current influence and fame.

Thus, he joined the start-up billionaire hall of fame through his long-standing development skills.

He developed a few forerunners to the globally-used Facebook.

In his earlier time at Harvard, he created Facemash that allowed students to rate each other’s attractiveness.

The website didn’t bode well for obvious reasons, and disciplinary action saw Zuckerberg shut it down.

However, he swiftly moved on.

In 2004 Zuckerberg and three friends (Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin), created Facebook forerunner, The Facebook.

This social networking site was initially created for Harvard students. They had the opportunity to create profiles, upload content and images, and communicate with their peers.

Until June 2004 Zuckerberg and company operated the site from a dorm room. After that, he bailed on university and devoted himself full-time a goal that continues to pay him off in dividends.

In light of his entrepreneurial spirit, Facebook is without a doubt a massive presence for both consumers and businesses.

As such, it has 1.86 billion active users per month. Furthermore, it hosts 1.15 billion mobile users per day.

Per day.

And experts believe the numbers will keep growing.

Mark Zuckerberg net worth - Compelo

It’s no wonder that the Mark Zuckerberg net worth is a sweet $61.7b.

Not just an entrepreneur, Zuckerberg is also a dedicated philanthropist.

He and Priscilla Chan, a dedicated paediatrician and also his spouse, announced they are investing $3 billion to science. They hope to cure all diseases by 2100.

That’s a heck of a status update.

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