This multinational tech company set the tone for computing as we know it today. Check out why the Microsoft net worth is important to you.

Most of us already know that Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. However, he did so with now billionaire peer, Paul Allen (the real one, not the one from American Psycho).

Experts commonly celebrate it as a continual influence in the tech industry.

And they should.

In the 1980s it pushed commercial operating systems so that practically every home in America had a personal computer.

Microsoft net worth: what led to it?

It was also the first big software company to regularly develop systems for the everyday personal to use.

From this practice, it gave many other software developers a standard to aspire to.

Thus, it not only made software commercially commonplace, but it contributed to its ongoing development.

Furthermore, Microsoft created innovative technology that was way ahead of its time.

For example, in 2001 it came up with the TabletPC, a revolutionary portable device.

However, it flopped because of bad decision by the vice president. He claimed that he didn’t like the idea of a touch screen, preferring the traditional keyboard.

While consumers are more than familiar with tablets due to corporations such as Apple, Microsoft shaped the original idea.

Other cutting edge concepts include the Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile. These innovations started the mobile phone wave in the mid-90s, and at first, Microsoft excelled in the market.

Although its performances suffered when other competitors performed well in about 2010, it’s fair to say that it paved the way for the smart devices that we know today.

For many users, Microsoft’s technology changed the world.

Products like the Microsoft Windows range, Microsoft Office line, Edge browsers and Internet Explorer are ever-present in the computing world.

Additionally, it changed the standard of gaming through Xbox, bought Skype for a cool $8.5b, and Linkedin for $26.2b.

Microsoft therefore, is everywhere.

Consequently, in 2016 it became biggest software producer in the world.

As such, the globally-known brand will continue to be a huge presence in the tech industry, and everyday households.

Its net worth reflects its strong and enduring tech presence with a staggering mega-cap of $524.3b.

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