Most influential luxury brands online for the discerning enthusiast.

The luxury industry is unique in that it attracts consumers from all sorts of backgrounds and professions. While feeling your best is a secret to confidence, looking your best convinces others of your capabilities.

If you’re a CEO or high ranking professional, luxury brands in your personal attire are extensions of a business card.

Most influential luxury brands online: Are you familiar with them?


Chanel is titan in the luxury industry for fashion, makeup, fragrances, and a diverse range of personal care products. With a history of continual success, it only makes sense that its social media game be as strong as its quality products. Pundits and enthusiasts have repeatedly held Chanel as a dominating force in the world of social media.


Yet another gem to come out of Rome’s treasure trove of culture, Fendi is an Italian fashion house of sweeping influence. Before the invention of social networking it marketed its speciality, ready-to-wear goods on a global scale. Its social media presence is a continuation of legacy that began in 1925.

The Blonde Salad

Founded by Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad is a fashion blog of staggering reach. This luxury lifestyle platform is a testament to Ferragni’s strength as an influencer. Furthermore, her history as a model, experience as a novelist, and insight into the luxury fashion industry make her an indomitable force.

Charlotte Tilbury

This luxury brand takes the name of its internationally-known founder. Since its inception in 2013 it has rocked the luxury world by receiving 84 awards. Its creative director is undoubtedly in high demand. Additionally, it has online stores in up to 37 stores around the world. Additionally, its social media account targets a wonderfully inclusive and diverse audience.

Veuve Clicquot

Named after the famed Madame Clicquot from the 18th century, this luxury champagne brand epitomises gravitas and fun. While its prestigious history marks it as an expert in the history, it has also expertly broken into popular culture.Therefore, its social media content is vibrant, informative, yet dignified.