Ahead of one of the most important elections our country has faced in decades, we have ranked the most influential politicians in the country right now.

Our political tracker pulls in data from across all forms of social media - the most critical campaigning ground. The data then shows just how influential certain politicians are across these platforms and we have then ranked them.

Could these figures show who is going to win?

Why does social media matter more than ever in this election?

Social media is a vital tool for campaigning politicians - more so now than ever. When it comes to securing the youth vote, it is essential.

Engaging a younger audience enough to go out there and vote is an incredibly hard one to win. Just 43% of 18-24 year olds voted in the 2015 election. However according to an Ofcom survey, 99% of 18-24 year olds use social media once a week or more. And often those millennials use social media as their news source.

Will the youth vote swing the election?

This election is set to see a much larger number of youth votes than previous recent elections. A new poll has said that this election we will see 63% or more young people turning out to vote, a far larger figure than that of 2015. In fact, a quarter of a million young people actually registered to vote on deadline day.

We asked Gina Miller, the voice of young people in this election, why social media is more vital in this power battle than ever before.

“It all comes down to trust,” Miller told Compelo. “That is one of the main messages I am getting from young people. I have spoken to millions of young people on social media, which is where most of them get their news and form their opinions from, and two main themes keep coming up again and again. One is that young people are asking - why vote at all because I don’t trust any of them? The second is - why vote because we are not going to make any difference? Labour are capturing this younger audience a lot better than the other parties, so it will be interesting to see if this swings the vote.”

Those over 24 are also highly active on social media. A huge 64% of adults now use social media regularly.

Are Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May overlooking social media in this battle? Our data is more revealing than you might think.

These are the most influential politicians in the country online today

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