Most successful small business ideas for the enterprising entrepreneur

Looking to expand out of the drudgery of everyday life? Feel as if you’re a business mogul ready to be born?

Then explore the below to unleash your inner CEO, and bring your skills to the market.

Most successful small business ideas

Specialty gourmet food specialist

This is a niche idea. However, anyone that has a passion and expertise for certain types of food can differentiate themselves from the competition. Furthermore, you can exercise your passion for vanilla beans by targeting high-end consumers with your inventive recipes.

Personal trainer

Although this is by no means a novel profession, people are gravitating towards intimate relationships with their businesses. Additionally, you can increase clientele by flexing your muscles and adaptability in catering to the specific needs and diets of your clients.

Organic produce retailer

Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards organic produce to avoid the potential risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their diets. Therefore, food markets are gaining credibility and popularity due to quality of the produce, and the personal touch from vendors.


Regardless of your background, you can market your expertise in a chosen field, highlighting your specialist knowledge. The advantage to this role is the low competition, and high payment rates due to your unique experience.

Personal concierge

If being organised is your default setting, and you have impeccable planning skills, then this role is for you. You’ll execute and plan lifestyle and administrative responsibilities for high-ranking clients whose professions don’t give them much free time. Responsibilities may include booking a luxury holiday based on your own high standards, or even being a personal shopper for a major business event.


Regardless of market trends or economic crises, everyone needs help sorting out their money. Furthermore, comprehending the extensive ins and outs of tax policies is at times a herculean job. As such, this business idea will always be in demand.

Freelance writer

There’s no denying that words are a fundamental element of any and every business venture. Whether providing long copy or snappy social content, words are here to stay.

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