Our seven best companies to work for in the world represent effective leadership, and a healthy professional environment.

Does yours make the cut?

1. Google

It’s no surprise that Google is number one in our collection of best companies to work for in the world.

Providing the most powerful search engine on the planet, Google also fosters powerful alliances with its employees.

As such, perks include free gourmet grub, laundry services, and haircuts, to name a selection. However, the tech behemoth also endeavours to create a positive work environment. It focuses on diversity, and even offers a workshop based on uncovering unconscious biases.

2. Daimler Financial Services

Offering a wide portfolio of solutions to over 40 countries, next on the list is Germany’s Daimler Financial Services. Operating in line with Daimler AG, Daimler Financial Services boasts outstanding management, and a positive work environment.

Furthermore, employees describe communication between the command chain as free-flowing, and open. They also cite that directors are keen to take varying view points on board. Therefore, high ranking personnel, managers, and other employees share a uniting feeling of commitment.

3. Belcorp

Additionally, Peru-based Belcorp also fosters a reputation of being inclusive and supportive amongst its employees.

In fact, the multinational cosmetics producer and retailer urges communication between managers and staff. Additionally, workers express their delight at superiors wanting to get to know them outside of work, too. Its culture of one-on-one discourse makes employees feel valued, and part of a cohesive team.

4. Falabella

Owned by Chilean global corporation S.A.C.I, Falabella is a brand of multinational department stores.

The emerging theme from our top ranking companies is one of respect and community. Falabella performs no differently.

Its employees refer to consideration and value as key elements that give them job satisfaction. Furthermore, they appreciate being open to share their ideas and thoughts with colleagues at varying levels of the command chain. This transparency creates a sense of family and shared goals, as opposed to the stiff archetype of workplace dynamics.

5. Adecco

Headquartered in Switzerland, Adecco strongly ranks in the best companies to work for in the world.

As the largest staffing company across the globe, the responsibility and pressure to care for its employees is high. However, its workers express glowing feedback.

They share that everyone is valued, regardless of where they stand on the corporate ladder. Furthermore, this environment of respect is echoed through managers providing consistent praise. As such, Adecco’s employees enjoy the prospect of heading to work each day.

6. Atento

This Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company is part of a growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market.

With headquarters in Spain, its efforts to ensure excellent customer experiences are also channeled to its staff. In fact, some employees claim that it’s the best company they’ve ever worked for. This positive feedback also comes from feelings of being part of a team. Therefore, workers hold camaraderie as a premium, along with opportunities for professional growth and progression.

7. Diageo

The largest manufacturer of spirits throughout the world, London-based Diageo knows how to wow its staff.

Consequently, its employees feel confident under the leadership of their executives, who in turn foster an environment for achievement. Furthermore, the professional atmosphere is one that not only promotes success, but also celebrates it. Staff report that their workplace is fuelled with passion, something which compels them to take ownership of their work.

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