Renewable energy companies are redefining and revitalising the energy world.  The below are establishing renewable energy as a viable and sustainable source for businesses and end-users.

Renewable energy companies: Vestas Wind Systems

This company specialises in wind power, and is a breath of fresh air in the alternative energy field. Selling wind turbines on an international scale, it provides a full portfolio of solutions from lone turbines to power plants. As such, Vesta holds the largest turbine market share across the globe.

Additionally, the company is well-known in the industry for providing services further than turbine sales. It also provides customer services for its clients.

Located in Denmark, Vestas is an established and venerable presence in the market. Established in 1898, the company is operational in Norway, Sweden, Australia, the US, China, India, Romania, Germany, and the UK.

Renewable energy companies: Trina Solar Limited

This Chinese international solar conglomerate has subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific regions. Supplying solar power unites to both residences and industrial institutions, it is a firm leader in the solar power market.

While certainly dependable with consistent and positive historical growth, Trina Solar has also made a name for itself due to its innovations in the solar power world.

Renewable energy companies: First Solar, Inc.

Another high-performing renewable energy company with a sunny disposition is First Solar Inc. Recognised for crafting low-cost solar converters, it’s a major force in furthering the ease and efficiency of electricity production.

Not only is First Solar keen on creating accessible power, but its management is also committed to tripling the company’s energy output.

Lastly, First Solar is an international source for alternative energy solutions that offers solar modules and projects for power companies, utilities, and commercial figures.

The renewable and alternative energy industries are on the brink of further expansion due to governments and societies looking for more transparency form their energy providers.

The above are poised as authoritative figures because of their innovative spirit, and ability to succeed in a volatile market. Sources report that each company achieved a market cap of over $ 1bn