From diamond desert to a gold-leaf burger, which of the most expensive food in the world would you try?

These outrageous dishes are redefining extravagance. Prepare to take a large bite out of your bank balance in order to foot the bill for the most expensive food in the world.

The Buddha Jumps Over the Wall soup

Kai Mayfair, London

Forget Heinz tomato soup, upgrade to a warming bowl of The Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. Also known as Buddha’s Temptation, the story goes that the smell of the dish once lured a monk to jump the monastery wall and break his vegetarianism.Buddha most expensive food in the worldThis Chinese delicacy originally contained sharks’ fin. Yet recent fishing controversies have seen this element scrapped. Japanese flower mushrooms, dried scallops, sea cucumber, huan ham, chicken, pork and ginseng still remain in the recipe for this pricy broth.

Famed for its rich taste, the dish will set you back £108 ($134). You also must order this five days in advance. Happy slurping.

The Douche Burger

666 Burger Food Truck, New York

Intended to mock the suckers who chase down decadent burgers, this extortionately priced bun will set you back £535 ($666).Douche most expensive food in the worldThe kobe patty is stuffed with foie grois then topped with lobster, caviar and truffle. As if these pricy ingredients aren’t enough, the burger is also smothered in a generous layer of champagne steam-melted Gruyere and Kopi Luwak coffee BBQ sauce.

Better get booking those flights across the pond to sample this gold-leaf-wrapped creation for yourself.

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

Norma’s, New York

We’re all familiar with gazing into a sparsely stocked fridge and tossing together an unsatisfying omelette. It seems the chef at Norma’s in New York had a similar experience, but ended up throwing together a slightly more lavish dish.

Dubbed the world’s most expensive omelette, the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata sells for £805 ($1000) a pop. The exclusive recipe includes six eggs, ten ounces of sefruga caviar and an entire lobster.

Chef Neil Churchill states: ‘It’s a lot of money for an omelette. But our diners will feel it’s money well spent when they taste it.’ New York City workers are known to celebrate by splashing out on the frittata when they’ve made a buck or two.

The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Wine3, Sri Lanka

Inspired by the success of the restaurant’s gem-studded Bombay Sapphire Martini, this gold leaf dessert sells for a whopping £11,674 ($14,500).

A chocolate carving of a fisherman clinging to a stilt is served with a mango and pomegranate compote and an Italian cassata flavoured with Irish cream. The major expense is the 80 carat aquamarine stone perched on this intricate sweet.

Customers travel from all over the world just to polish off this plate and pocket the stunning stone.

Faberge Chocolate Pudding

Lindeth Howe Hotel, Windermere

This dessert combines orange, peach and whiskey flavoured Belgian chocolate, with champagne jelly and a light biscuit jocund. Shaped like a Faberge egg and topped with bitter chocolate and gold leaf, it looks too good to eat.

As if the dish isn’t tasty enough, a 2.62 carat diamond ring sits on top of champagne and strawberry caviar, between chocolate and gold leaf flowers.fabergé chocolate pudding most expensive food in the worldMore than a lavish sweet, the Faberge Chocolate Pudding is dubbed ‘an experience’. Punters don’t only get the chocolate delight but get to stay at the four star hotel and enjoy a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem. All of this for the bargain price of £26,600 ($33,000).