Leadership traits are often debated in both the business and psychology world. However, we think we know the qualities that drive success.

The discussion over what makes an effective leader is both fascinating and contentious.  For years, pundits and experts have mulled over the enigmatic recipe that creates someone whom others willingly follow.

Furthermore, in a constantly evolving business landscape, cracking this secret inspires a guarantee to weathering any challenge.

While the debate will undoubtedly continue for years to come, here are characteristics you can master today.

Leadership traits: Are you any of the following?

Highly Focused

Diligence and conscientiousness are common characteristics that leaders share. Remaining steadfast in the pursuit of a goal keeps a team motivated, and also sets an example.

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Unwaveringly confident

Many successful leaders either silence that nagging voice of self-doubt in their heads, or don’t experience it at all. Thus, self-assurance is an integral aspect of brainstorming a plan, and sticking to it.

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Emotionally stable

While emotions can be useful inner guidance tools, great leaders know that having thick skin is strategically advantageous. Although they are in tune with their feelings, they channel them into overcoming obstacles. Thus, negative emotions become resources, as opposed to limitations.

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Furthermore, great leadership includes the ability to maintain high levels of focus for a prolonged period of time. Although setting tasks is an aspect of guidance, leaders should fulfil their own duties in a timely and polished manner.

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Mentally strong

Successful leaders are made, and not born. As such, mistakes are part and parcel of learning. Therefore, leadership includes experiencing criticism, setbacks, and often times, even failure. Maintaining a tough mental outlook is critical to avoiding the crippling influences of oversentimentality.

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Additionally, leaders portray boundless energy and an authentic interest in accomplishing the task at hand. In doing so, they communicate to their team that success is both achievable, and also meaningful.

Leadership traits - Compelo

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