If you don’t know the Ralph Lauren net worth, then at least be aware that the revered fashion mogul is far richer than you.

When we think of Ralph Lauren, we think of luxury.

Effortlessly stylish, his advertisements convey unaffected elegance and assumed elitism.

As such, the Polo brand’s famous logo is a symbol of wealth and exclusivity.

Apart from having devastatingly high cheek bones, Ralph Lauren models ooze a sense of confidence inspired by their real-life counterparts.


However, the man behind the Ralph Lauren empire wasn’t born into this glossy world of his creation.

Originally named Ralph Lifshitz, the influential fashion designer came from a humble background.

Born with a different name and from a different world, the iconic founder represents a journey of reinvention.

Let’s see what else there is to his story.

Ralph Lauren net worth: From Ralph to riches

Frieda Lifschitz gave birth to her son on October 14, 1939. Young Ralph grew up in the city of New York, in the Bronx.

Yet, he was infuriated by his classmates’ teasing at school. Thus, the future business mogul changed his last name to Lauren at the age of 16.

Even as a youngster, Ralph Lauren had a personal style that caught others’ attention.

Silver screen legends such as Cary Grant and Fred Astaire influenced his daily attire.

Furthermore, he his interest in vintage and preppy clothing is a quintessential element of his branding today.

After working as a sales clerk for Brooks Brothers, Lauren furthered his knowledge of the garment industry at Rivetz & Co.

Yet, what skyrocketed Lauren’s career was that fundamental ingredient to success: innovation.

In 1967 his unique wide tie designs earned him roughly half a million dollars.

Additionally, by 1972 the ambitious designer had reinvented the polo shirt into the hallmark of preppy chic that it is today.

Through his continual success in luxury American apparel, the influential fashion designer has a staggering net worth of $5.6bn.

In 2015 he stepped down as CEO from Ralph Lauren Inc.

However, he remains active as its chairman, and has 82% of the voting rights.

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