Enigmatic as ever, the British graffiti artist baffles audiences in his recent installation. We think we know what the Banksy Dover mural really signifies.

The enigmatic creative confirmed that a giant painting representing the EU flag in Dover is indeed his work.

On the Castle Amusements building near the ferry terminal, the mural portrays a worker chipping away at one of the flag’s golden stars.

As such, rampant speculation identifies the work as a commentary on Brexit.

Furthermore, the ferry terminal connects Europe with the UK.

The supposed symbolism of this position seems to hint at the growing antagonism between Theresa May’s government and the EU. Specifically, it could relate to Britain’s departure from the nearby mainland.

However, is the work purely concerned with Brexit?

Or does Banksy’s Dover mural point to other implications?

A Brexit angle is certainly a convincing explanation for the work.

However, the depiction of the EU flag could speak to a wider audience further than Britain’s boundaries.

In that regard, France’s newly elected president Emmanuel Macron may represent a larger sentiment echoed throughout the EU.

Banksy Dover mural: What’s he on about?

Macron’s presidency saw the demise of a potential Frexit after he defeated opposing candidate, Marine Le Pen.

During his first speech as the nation’s leader, he vowed to avoid scenarios that could prompt citizens to veer towards extremism.

Thus, Banksy could be commenting on the dynamic between populist and globalist sentiments battling in the international political arena.

Furthermore, the economic relationship between the United States, UK and Europe is finely intertwined with the political status of each nation.

Trump’s administration continues to enrage American and global audiences with policies that minimise healthcare, human rights, and global warming.

Additionally, Theresa May’s government is still stirring fear in UK and EU citizens living abroad from their respective native nations.

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Lastly, businesses in the EU face potential restrictions that could result from countries opting to leave the union.

All of these observations could culminate in Banksy’s worker chipping away at the golden star.

Furthermore, a common labourer chipping at the star could signify everyday people suffering under the EU’s current tensions.

Fears over the full consequences of Brexit include the state of the job market. EU citizens living and working in the UK are concerned over possible deportations.

However, the percentage of rich people in Britain increased in what other tabloids are calling a ‘Brexit boom.’ The UK leaving the EU stimulated more wealth for the nation’s billionaires.

Apart from his artistry, Banksy’s enigmatic stance is certainly part of his allure. It certainly stimulates speculation on a global scale.

Maybe he’s just not fond of the EU flag?

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