We’ve just stumbled upon this hidden footage of a Steve Jobs speech. The founder of Apple gave this speech back in the 80s, and it is inspirational to all entrepreneurs of today. 

Back in 1981, Jobs appeared on TV show Nightline and was asked about the future of computers. The interviewer, Ted Koppel, asked: “There’s a sense that many of us have who don’t understand how computers work, or what they can do for us or to us, that we are becoming controlled by these computers. Is there any danger of that happening?”

Sounds very much like our fears of AI today, doesn’t it?

Jobs responded: “Well, as you know, the product we manufacture, many people see it for the first time and they don’t think it’s a computer. It is only about 12 pounds, so you can throw it out the window if the relationship isn’t going so well.”

Take a look at the Steve Jobs speech here

Back in the late 70s, Jobs was working away on creating products which would change the world of technology forever. Now we see iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches everywhere. Apple is even now launching a new campus, which looks insane. However, even Jobs couldn’t have predicted the meteoric rise of Apple.

The entrepreneur started out working in his garage in Silicon Valley, but investors did start to come on board when they started to learn what Jobs was creating. The company went public in 1981, and it reached the Fortune 500 just two years later.

Now it’s a global phenomenon, and all entrepreneurs and leaders can take note from Jobs. Inspirational doesn’t even come close to describing this business mind. His net worth is staggering.

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