While public opinion on the US leader varies greatly, no one can argue that the Donald Trump CV is a high-flying adventure of successful and dismal ventures.

CVs track our professional pursuits, and can also provide insight into our hopes and aspirations.

The Donald Trump CV is no different.

We all know him as the real estate mogul who also made a cameo appearance in Home Alone 2, the Christmas classic where the McCallister parents show why child-services exist.

Obviously, Trump has done far more than develop property, and give directions to neglected kids in the Plaza Hotel lobby.

Although born into wealth, Trump has explored his entrepreneurial spirit through embarking on a variety of different ideas.

As such, he understands branding more than most people on the planet.

The Donald Trump CV: Real estate to reeling it in

Regardless of the project, anything associated with Donald Trump promises controversy, heated debate, and yes, entertainment.

Even his Tweets have become news-worthy fodder.

Although the 45th president cuts an oftentimes outrageous figure, his career nonetheless represents an entrepreneurial spirit.

His real estate investments were a combination of proud ambition and financial dexterity. However, as one of the wealthiest men in the world, Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times.

As such, his property business makes up the bulk of his business, with most of his holdings located in New York.

Yet, he has other holdings in other parts of America too. These towers and hotels are scattered across the nation to include San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Virginia, and South Carolina.

Furthermore, Trump has also cast his eye to other industries such as the entertainment, beauty, cosmetics, and food and drink.

Explore the below to see how Trump created an estimated net worth of $3.5bn (£2.7bn).

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