No, the UK is not the most competitive country in the world. We’re all too busy apologising to each other to be ruthlessly trampling over each other to reach success.

However it is more competitive as a country this year than it was last year.

Why is this? The instability of our government, plus the uncertainty of our national security surely have made us more competitive than ever before?

The USA actually came lower in the rankings this year. They are less competitive this year than last. Might this have anything to do with Donald Trump? Perhaps people are giving up their competitiveness as they feel downtrodden?

Yet which is the most competitive country in the world?

The answer probably won’t surprise you.

The World Competitiveness Center in Switzerland has found, after extensive research, that Hong Kong is the most competitive country in the world.

Switzerland and Singapore came in second and third places and the USA is ranking fourth. This is the USA’s lowest position in five years. Then the Netherlands jumped up three places and made it into the top five.

most competitive country - Compelo

How were these results judged?

Well, with hard data. What kind? National employment data and trade statistics. In total, the research group looked at over 260 indicators.

The research group, which is part of the IMD business school, also had over 6,000 responses to a global survey they issued with answers on questions about corruption, quality of life and environmental issues.

The Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center, Professor Arturo Bris, told Compelo: “The countries at the top, such as the UK, have gained their positions because of their business-friendly environments. China’s improvement of seven places is the result of their dedication to international trade. This continues to drive their economy and improve their government and business efficiency.”

What about the countries lower down on the list? Bris told us: “You would expect to see countries such as Ukraine (60), Brazil (61) and Venezuela (63) at the bottom because you read about their political issues in the news. These issues are at the root of poor government efficiency which diminishes their place in the rankings.”

most competitive country - Compelo

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