Walmart sells more than Amazon, Tesco and Costco combined. As the world’s largest retailer, the staggering Walmart net worth is hardly surprising.

The rise of technology has changed many aspects of our lives. Access to the internet has drastically changed how we communicate, how we work and even how we shop.

With almost any store now available at the press of a few keys, many are ditching packed aisles for the comfort of their sofa.

92% of people have access to the internet and 77% of them use it to complete purchases, which now total 16.2% of all retail purchases. As a result, companies like Amazon have seen their revenue grow at a rate of more than 10% each year.

Walmart net worth - Compelo

The growth of online shopping has led many to proclaim that brick and mortar shopping is dying out. Yet, the continued success of retail giants Walmart proves otherwise.

How is online shopping affecting the market leaders?

Many established companies have fallen as a result of the Computer Age. Austin Reed and BHS are the latest names on a growing list.

Yet, while others fail to cope, Walmart produced $376.3 billion in revenue in 2014, $482 billion in 2015 and $485.9 billion in 2016.

Walmart net worth - Compelo


Walmart’s revenue isn’t growing as fast as Amazon’s. Although, there is no sign that the industry’s switch online is impacting the hypermarket chain’s performance at all.

The company has increased its online operations and generated $15.8 billion through internet sales in 2016. However, that accounts for just 3.3% of total sales. While online shopping is growing, far more people are still turning to Walmart’s brick-and-mortar stores.

Walmart has generated net profits of more than $15 billion annually since 2010, while Amazon has never made more than $2.5 billion in a single year. The retail giants are as strong as ever.

Walmart net worth - Compelo


What is the Walmart net worth?

Much like their sales volume, the Walmart net worth has remained largely the same for a number of years.

While Walmart are coping well with the rise of online stores, investors seem to believe that that will change in the future.

As a result, Walmart’s market cap is just $238.4 billion – almost half of the value assigned to Amazon. Walmart may be the world’s largest retailer, but it isn’t the most valuable.

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