The Zara cofounder beats competitors in style as the Rosalia Mera net worth shows us a thing or two about entrepreneurship, influence, and panache.

We owe Rosalia Mera a huge thank you.

As co-founder of the retail giant Zara, Mera helped create polished clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

With her former husband and co-founder Amancio Ortega, Mera created the high street brand in 1974.

Today, it’s a success that keeps growing. Furthermore, it draws in shoppers from all around the world, and from all ages.

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Owned by Inditex Group, Zara is the global fashion retailer’s core label.

As such, anyone with cash to burn can choose to shop in any one of its 2,200 stores. Additionally, 93 countries boast to having their own selection of Zara locations.

Spain holds 436 Zara shops, making it the largest market globally. China boasts 193 stores, followed by France at 129, and Japan also shows its enthusiasm with 100.

In 2017 the U.S reached 78 locations.

Thus, we can all agree that the retailer has an impressive global reach.

Rosalia Mera net worth beats the Queen’s

A factor that gives it a competitive edge is that it can get new products into its shops in a window of two weeks. However, it takes its rivals up to six months. Thus, Zara proves itself to be a brand dedicated to customer satisfaction in as little time as possible.

In fact, a major part of its popularity is its drive to support its customers from all walks of life.

According to a statement on its website:

“Zara is always striving to meet  the needs of its customers at the same time as helping to inform their ideas, trends and tastes.

“The idea is to share responsible passion for fashion across a broad spectrum of people, cultures and ages.”

Rosalia Mera net worth - Compelo


Thus, Mera helped create a recognisable clothing line that not only markets great clothing, but does so with a humanitarian foundation.

For Mera, Zara is a legacy that endures, even in light of her death.

At 69 years old, Mera passed away in 2013. So striking was her influence in building the global retailer, that her net worth was $6.1 bn (£4.74bn) when she died. This amount made her the richest self-made woman in the world.

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