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Ivanka Trump clothing factory abuse comes to light

Recent reports reveal that life in an Ivanka Trump clothing factory is a far and desperate cry from the ultra high net worth luxury lifestyle of its owner.

Ivanka Trump’s quality of life is the complete opposite of those who make her clothing.

In fact, the President’s daughter has a net worth of roughly $300mn (£236mn). In comparison, factory employees make $173 (£136) a month.

To say that this difference is huge is a laughable understatement.

Rather, the disparity is worlds apart.

Additionally, workers in an Indonesia-based factory receive a minimum wage so low that they can’t afford to live with their children.

Factory workers claim experiencing verbal abuse, intimidation, salaries below the legal amount, and violations of women’s rights.

One of the major factories in Indonesia that produces Ivanka Trump’s line is PT Buma. Of its 2,759 employees, only 200 are in unions.

Women make up the majority of the remaining workers. Many live miles away from their relatives and children because they can’t afford to live closer. Thus, they only see them as little as once a month.

Ivanka Trump clothing factory conditions differ from #WomenWhoWork

Ironically, Ivanka Trump champions a Women Who Work campaign. Her movement aims to highlight women who are redefining what it means to be a female in the modern world.

Her website states:

“For the first time in history, we’re embracing the fact that our lives are multidimensional.

“We’re doing work we love, work that inspires us, and we’re also pursuing our passions and making them priorities.”

The women who appear on the site truly are motivational, ambitious, and relatable. As founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, they are inspirational figures for anyone that has the drive to succeed.

However, Women Who Work is out of touch with the women who also work in conditions that Ivanka Trump has never had to deal with.

However, women and men alike must achieve unrealistic productivity targets from factories that force them into unpaid overtime. In some situations, managers tap out employee cards at the end of the working day, even though staff haven’t gone home yet.

Furthermore, Buma in particular has a practice of firing people before religious holidays in order to avoid paying bonuses.

Then, after periods such as Ramadan, managers re-hire staff.

However, the exclusive supplier of Ivanka Trump’s line G-III Apparel maintains its moral standards.

It claims in a statement:

“We audit and inspect our vendor’s production facilities and when issues arise we work with our partners to correct them promptly.”

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