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Honda net worth driven up by innovative approach

Honda is best known for its reliable consumer cars. However, it is much more than a car manufacturer. With a passion for innovation and a portfolio of successful products, the Honda net worth is incredibly high.

Silicon Valley may be the home of innovative tech, but you can’t beat Japan when it comes to creativity and innovation.

It might not seem so. However, as Japan’s second largest company, Honda shares this desire to alter and improve the world.

Honda hit the 5 million car sales mark in 2017. Unsurprisingly, Honda is best known as a car brand. Yet, cars are just a small part of the Honda brand. They are also the world’s leading motorcycle brand and combustion engine manufacturer.


3 inventions that go against everything we know about Honda

Honda doesn’t stick to roadworthy vehicles. They also dabble in a number of other products, from lawn mowers to boats. Although, these three inventions top the list:


Honda describes the UNI-CUB as a personal mobility device. However, the hands-free scooter is best described as an electronic stool. The device contains Honda’s balance control technology, which allows the user to move freely and safely in all directions.


Having found success on the road, Honda are trying their luck in the sky. The HondaJet is fuel efficient, quiet, spacious and fast (and it will only set you back $4.85 million).


Honda’s attempts to create a humanoid robot began in 1986. By 2000, they had created the most advanced bot yet. ASIMO is now capable of doing just about any tedious task that we humans don’t want to do.

What is the Honda net worth?

With decades of experience in the automotive market, Honda has established itself as one of the biggest companies in the industry.

As a result, Honda is now the sixth biggest car manufacturer, with a market cap of $49.61 billion.