Are you hiding money from your partner?

Well a quarter of British business women are stashing away considerable sums of money from their partners and husbands.

A new study has revealed that 1 in 4 working women are stashing thousands in secret bank accounts or in cash. What for? Well a large 31% are saving this money up for an exotic trip away.

Then 23% are saving up as an exit strategy from their relationships.

How are they flying under the radar with this secret? Over 1 in 10 women (12%) have at least one bank account set up in their maiden name to keep it incognito from their partner.

Then a surprising 13% of women even entrust the help of their parents to hide cash for them.

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Many business women are opening off-shore accounts

The most interesting finding from the national survey was that business women really are going to far extremer lengths than you might imagine to hide this secret cash.

Nearly one in ten have actually opened off-shore accounts to hide money. That really is going the extra mile!

The researcher of the study told Compelo: “It may be wise to have some savings set aside. However, it could seem very one sided if one partner is openly sharing knowledge about their savings and investments, whilst the other is slyly squirrelling away money.”

Is hiding money wrong?

Despite these findings, nearly half (42%) of business men and women surveyed said they would be furious if their partner had savings they weren’t aware of.

With the financial instability many of us face on a daily basis, within our businesses and personal finances, perhaps it is wise to have some money hidden away. Whether you should tell your partner about it or not is a different matter!

Perhaps keeping secrets can be good for a relationship?

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