Whether you’re waiting for the elevator or your turn at the printer, you can use these simple hacks to increase intelligence with zero effort.

Intelligence is not fixed at birth.

While researchers have not discovered an absolute and exact definition of intelligence, a common explanation points to cognitive processes.

Thus, generally speaking, cognitive processes relate to abilities in problem solving, recall, and higher order thinking.

Additionally, experts agree that people can improve their cognitive power throughout their lifespans through mental gymnastics.

Even the fullest of schedules has a lapse in activity now and then.

Next time you’re standing in a queue, or have a few minutes to spare, whip out these tricks to boost your brain battery.

Increase intelligence - Compelo

Increase intelligence on the go

1. Improve your vocab

There is a solid link between vocabulary and intelligence. In particular, being able to remember and navigate the rich landscape of language relates to your store of accumulated knowledge.

Amplify how smart you are by learning new words in your idle moments. Even better, download apps that deliver new words to your smartphone.

Increase intelligence - Compelo

 2. Learn another language

In a similar vein to improving vocabulary, learning another language is a factor that improves cognitive processes.

The beauty of smart devices means that you can download apps like Duolingo. They make learning on the go easy, and accessible even when you only have five minutes to spare.

Increase intelligence - Compelo

3. Get a sense of humour

Additionally, studies show that people who are sarcastic are more intelligent. Experts believe the reason behind this find is that sarcasm requires abstract thought. Furthermore, people where participated in sarcastic exchange later experienced bursts of creativity.

Increase intelligence - Compelo

4. Get physical

Various studies also show that regular exercise also increases cognitive function. They further demonstrate a link between improved mental processes in elderly people who did resistance training. Specifically, this form of activity slowed down the effects of dementia.

Increase intelligence - Compelo

5. Do write by yourself

Scientists have proven that writing down information by hand boosts the learning process. The function of writing by hand involves the sense of touch and motor skills, an interaction that allows the brain to store data more efficiently.

Increase intelligence - Compelo

All in all, intelligence is a trait that people can improve at any age, and in any moment of their day.

Thankfully the above tips, and others like it, are cheap and accessible in practically any situation.

Did you enjoy, “Increase intelligence with zero effort, and in your free time”?

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