Do you always focus on the negatives? Change your thought process, learn how to be more positive and start enjoying life again.

Graduates are struggling to find work in their fields and the value of Pound sterling is at its lowest in over three decades. Likewise, the future looks largely divided and uncertain. Everything is awful.

That’s what a negative person would say.

However, somebody with a positive outlook would note that graduates have more time to work on their own projects, Britain’s tourism industry is booming thanks to the Pound’s exchange rate and change is exciting.

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How to be more positive: 5 tips to change your outlook

Not everything is good and sometimes things don’t go to plan. However, approaching life with a positive attitude makes it a lot easier to cope with the negatives. These tips will teach you how to be more positive:


The best way to increase positivity is to trick your brain into thinking that you are happy. When we’re happy, we smile, but studies show that we are also happy when we smile. Smiling has been shown to release endorphins (happiness hormones), which makes you even happier. In turn, this will also make you a more positive person.

Surround yourself with positive people

Negativity attracts negativity. In order to be more positive, you will need to rid your life of negativity and surround yourself with more positive people. You shouldn’t confuse ‘bad’ with ‘negative’ – nobody is perfect, but if somebody makes you feel unhappy or doubt yourself, it’s time to distance yourself and find joyful, upbeat people to spend your time with.

How to be more positive - Compelo

Live in the present

Just because you have suffered past failures or disappointments, that doesn’t make it certain that everything that you do will produce the same result. Stop going over things that have happened in the past, which will undoubtedly lead to negative thoughts, and start living in the present.

Never compare yourself to others

Social media means that we are constantly in touch with our friends. Frequent updates on others’ holidays, relationships and career successes have led to higher rates of jealousy, sadness and depression. In order to stop negativity spawned by envy, stop comparing your life to others.

How to be more positive - Compelo

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Talk it out

Turning to other people can help you to change your thought process and swap negative thoughts for positive ones. Bottling up your feelings will only breed more negativity and letting them out will often allow you to notice your unnecessary doubts, while you will also receive encouragement from the person that you reach out to too. Just make sure that they are positive themselves.

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