Recent data shows that one in five female leaders claim that their male counterparts fail to listen during business talks.

Allbright, a UK support service for women in business, has released a survey based on female corporate figures.

As such, it shows how 22% of female leaders claim that male investors don’t listen during talks.

Consequently, this barrier in communication represents a challenge that females in business claim they must confront.

Gaining investment is a challenge that all entrepreneurs have to face.

However, less than 3% of global venture capital goes to women per year.


Female leaders losing out on venture capital

Co-Founder of Allbright Debbie Wosskow shares her disbelief at this statistic:

“In the progressive, fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, you may be under the assumption that all things are equal when it comes to women securing investment for them to start and grow their businesses”.

“But when only 2.19 per cent of global venture capital funding in a year goes to women, it is clear there is a problem with the report revealing that a lack of connection with male investors is one of the largest barriers to women raising”.

Thus, stats reveal that women are grossly under-represented in the venture capitalist world.

In the US, 89% of venture capitalists are male.

Additionally, only 10% of that number is comprised of minorities.

But numbers in the UK aren’t much better.

According to Diversity VC, women comprise less than half of venture capitalists at a humble 27%.

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These figures, however shocking, at least provide a platform from which to work.

However, awareness of a problem is a potent stimulus for change, hence the creation of organisations such as Allbright and Diversity VC.

Yet, there is a small silver lining to female led businesses receiving less venture capital than men.

It means that they have a greater potential for owning more of their company. Furthermore, their chances of becoming profitable sooner are also higher.

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