For busy, time-poor professionals, finding excellent, efficient luxury services that you can rely on is no easy task. So when we find one, we absolutely must shout about it! Meet Black Label, the luxury service that will change the way you relax.

Black Label isn’t any normal concierge service. Membership (a one-off annual fee of £250) provides clients with unlimited access to an extensive and far-reaching treatment menu. From sunset yoga, to manicures, facials and customised massages, clients can request anything, at any time of the day or night, in any location.

We asked the CEO and founder of Black Label, Charlie McCorry, why this is the service you need.

Black Label - Compelo

Charlie McCorry told Compelo: “What we offer is really unique. We are a 24-hour wellness concierge. We don’t have hundreds of therapists; instead we offer a bespoke solution with a perfectionist’s level of service and attention to detail.”

Charlie’s background has involved looking after many celebrities and top high-net worth individuals. “I have worked all over the world and had some incredible experiences, such as flying out to look after 30 clients in Aspen. I stayed with them for a month and was even out giving massages to a client on the slopes!”

Something you can rely on

“Trust is key with what we do,” Charlie explained. “Discretion is so vital and my staff are all trained to the highest levels. Therapists are even trained in etiquacy. Then they also learn the customs of different cultures and how to deliver the highest levels of respect to whomever the client may be. These details and preparations are absolutely essential for giving clients the most relaxing and enjoyable service possible.”

The Black Label clientele varies. From elite lovers of luxury, to top business professionals across a range of industries, to younger family members and house staff, Black Label can work for anyone. “We, of course, have a lot of loyal female clients who come to us for facials, massages, manicures - everything, but we do have a large male client base. Over 69% of our clients are actually men”, says Charlie.

Another essential ingredient in Black Label’s success is feedback. “Feedback has been really important in building the Black Label business,” says Charlie. “We like to meet every new member if possible, and we like to get real feedback from our clients. We offer a really personable service and getting feedback only helps make our offering better and better.”

Does Black Label sound like something you need in your life?

Prices start from £600 and clients can choose to host Black Label therapists in their homes or in separate accommodation.

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