Uber has fired over 20 of its people after the ride sharing company looked into claims of abuse, and other charges. What will happen to the industry influencer?

The ride sharing company is going through a huge cleaning spree.

So far, it has sacked over 20 of its staff. Yet, as the investigations go deeper, more heads will roll.

However, what could make Uber empty its payroll like this?

Through hidden cameras and employee blogs, the firm knows scandal well.

Even its CEO has been under fire for his bad boy air.

To some therefore, its current sweep comes as no surprise in the face of deep investigation.

Ride sharing company once hailed bad behaviour

CEO Travis Kalanick has come clean with his need for leadership help.

As such, he has approved two probes into claims of bias and sexual harassment. At the helm of these inquests are a high profile law firm, and Eric Holder.

However, many think that this change has come about due to the blog of a former worker, Susan Fowler.

Fowler wrote of her experience with sexual harassment. Consequently, this sparked a flurry of other claims by colleagues.

Thus, it’s hard to say if Kalanick would have launched the probe of his own accord. This thought comes to light in the face of hundreds of complaints sent to, and not managed by HR.

Additionally, the media has also critiqued the Uber founder for his own PR faux pas. One of the most infamous is when he allegedly yelled at an Uber driver over his business strategy.

Of the people fired by Uber, some were high-ranking workers on the command chain.

Lastly, investigations are ongoing, and go as far back as 2012.

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