London has faced a tough couple of weeks. It is not always easy to look beyond the adversity and the uncertainties, but there are many reasons to celebrate London right now. Sadiq Khan would know.

We caught up with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Deputy Mayor for Business Rajesh Agrawal about Brexit, business opportunities and why London “is the best place to be an investor”.

Want to know what they think of George Osborne’s new editor job? Read on…

Sadiq Khan London Mayor - Compelo

London is such a vibrant hub of entrepreneurialism. A lot of our readers are global investors – what would you say to them about investing in London? Why should they and what areas would you recommend they invest into?

Sadiq: London is without doubt the greatest city in the world for investors and entrepreneurs. It was recently voted the best place in the world to grow a tech business.

Despite Brexit, the fundamentals of London’s economy remain strong. London has been a city which has attracted trade, talent and ideas for more than 1,000 years. It has something for everyone and an appeal that clearly extends around the globe. Whether it is our award winning theatres and cultural scene, our beautiful green spaces or our numerous top sporting venues. London cannot be beaten. There is no doubt that London is the best place to be an investor.

Sadiq Khan - Compelo

What is your response to the news that George Osborne is the new editor of the Evening Standard. Do you think this will be a good thing for Londoners?

Sadiq and Rajesh: Being the editor of London’s privy newspaper is a great job and we wish George Osborne well.

You mentioned that you would like London to become the Sport’s Capital of the world. What other areas do you feel that London should, and can, become the best in the world at?

Rajesh: I think London is the best city in the world. Sadiq Khan is the most pro-business Mayor that this city has ever had. Thanks to the ambitious work we are undertaking at City Hall we are leading the way on a whole host of issues including climate change, social integration and helping businesses thrive.

Sadiq Khan London Mayor - Compelo

The Asian Business Awards was a huge success – what is your advice to Asian business leaders around the globe wanting to set up new businesses in London?

Rajesh: Just 15 years ago, I arrived at Heathrow from India with just £200 in my pocket. London’s business friendly approach is the only reason that I was able to pursue my dreams and set up my businesses.

London is home to one of largest and most diverse Asian communities in the world, making a huge social, cultural and economic contribution to the city’s success.

To anyone wanting to set up a new business in London I would say to take advantage of the Mayor’s London Growth Hub, where you can find support including a comprehensive calendar of events, case studies and a blog written by businesses for businesses.

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