Doctorless surgeries and 3D printed organs – say hello to the new technologies which are distrupting the healthcare industry.

The medical landscape is changing rapidly, and shows little sign of slowing down. From AI to immunotherapies, the implications of technological advances are guaranteed to be felt widely across the healthcare industry.


You’re probably sick of hearing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies by now, but get used to it. Growth of 42% is estimated in the AI healthcare industry until 2021.  technologies - CompeloNot only will you be travelling in driverless cars, but you’ll be getting accurate medical diagnoses from algorithms. Conditions such as cancer and diabetes are expected to be diagnosed quickly and efficiently.

3D Printing

It seems 3D printing is set to revolutionise organ or tissue repair. Medical devices such as dental implants, hearing aids and even prosthetics are already manufactured using 3D printing but the real game changer will be when we’re able to print human tissue.technologies - CompeloAt the moment, demand for organ donation is high but supply is low. This disparity has resulted in an enormous illegal organ trade. Not only will 3D printing development see reduction in surgery time and medical costs, it will diminish this criminal underworld.

Printed livers, hearts, eyes, hands – the possibilities are endless. With the 3D printing business for healthcare predicted to be worth $6 billion by 2025, this industry is one to watch.

Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsy manages to extract cancer cells from an everyday blood sample. The technology is detects worsening of a condition even earlier than a CT scan, and is appealing to investors due to its efficiency.technologies - CompeloCurrently, patients undergo repeated invasive biopsies to study changing tumours. Experts predict that in two years’ time, diagnostics companies will rely entirely on liquid biopsy samples instead.


Immunotherapy is the treatment of disease with substances that boost a persons’ immune system. The market for new immunotherapies is expected to grow at CAGR of 139% between now and 2020.technologies - CompeloCheckpoint inhibitors aim to trump cancer’s defences against an immune system attack. The development of checkpoint inhibitors was only the beginning – other molecular constructs are emerging rapidly. Take that, cancer.

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